Women Who Dig 

(University of Regina Press)

Women Who Dig weaves together the narratives of female farmers and farm workers across three continents, from eight countries: Guatemala, Nicaragua, the United States of America, Canada, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, and Cuba. A mix of travel writing and feminism, Women Who Dig is a critical look at how women are responding to and, increasingly, rising up against, the injustices of the global food system.

Organized by country, the narrative travels into the heart of women farmers’ experiences and worldviews, examining the challenges they face in their local environments, with issues ranging from maternal health, traditional gender roles and patriarchy, access to land and land ownership, gender abuse and domestic violence, political and economic marginalization, and a rapidly changing climate. Women Who Dig explores on a personal level the ways women are responding, individually and collectively, to overcome the barriers they face to innovate and grow food.

Rights available: World, excluding North America (University of Regina Press)

Category: Narrative Non-fiction   

Women Who Dig is forthcoming with University of Regina Press (2017)

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